The “Thompson” is considered short by today’s standards at 3096 yards in length from the gold tees, but places a high premium on accuracy and course management. It is a masterpiece of design in terms of the use of the natural topography to maximize shot values.


The “Homenuik” is the longest of the three nines, 3503 yards from the back black tees. Good long iron and fairway wood play is key to playing this nine well. Knowing your capabilities and when to lay up are also important factors. The Homenuik nine requires a player of any calibre to hit every club in your bag and a variety of shots.


The “Knudson” was built over thirty years after the original 18 holes, and by a different designer, so slightly different characteristics are to be expected, yet it compliments the others nines quite well. Some of the features that are most notable are: the size of the greens, they are larger on this nine, the bunkers are shaped a bit differently, not quite as deep, and the trees are not as mature, giving a feeling of more openness. Driving well is an important factor in scoring well on the Knudson Nine.