2388, Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3M 1A8, Canada,

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

2388 Jane Street, Toronto, Ontario M3M 1A8
Tel: 416-245-3500
Email: reception@oakdalegolf.com

Guest Information

Dress Code

All Golf Facilities – course, practice area, practice green, chipping greens and courtyard.

• Pants must be well tailored and unfaded.
• Golf shoes with soft spikes only are permitted. Running shoes are permissible so long as they are clean and in good repair.
• Hats or visors are permitted but may not be worn backwards.
• Sweatsuits, workout clothing and tank tops are not permitted.

• Golf shirts must have a collar or must be recognized golf designed (i.e. mock turtle or turtle neck). Shirts must be tucked into trousers.
• Shorts must be well tailored and be of Bermuda lengths (within reasonable distance of the knee).
• Sleeveless shirts are not permitted.

• Sleeveless and collarless tops are permissible provided that they are tasteful and consistent with recognized golf attire. Tank, tube, crop and halter tops are not permitted.
• Tops must be tucked in except those that are specifically designed so as to not be tucked in.
• Shorts, skirts and skorts must be well tailored and not above mid thigh. Capri length pants are permitted.

Cell Phone Use

Use of cell phones is not permitted in the Clubhouse, Practice Range or Practice Areas. Members and Guests should use the driveway, parking lot, pro shop courtyard or inside the gazebo. The use of cell phones is discouraged on the Golf Course. Ringers must be turned off.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted except on the golf course – members and guests may smoke on the driveway, the parking lot or inside the gazebo located at the driving range.