And as other private clubs shift to attempt to establish themselves to becoming “family-oriented,” family has been the focus of Oakdale since its inception—and that remains true to this day.

With a unique offering in the Canadian private golf club space, Oakdale’s membership includes access to the club for the entire family. That means a member of the family joins, and their initiation covers the entry of other family members to the club. Additionally, children of members have special legacy rights if they choose to continue as members of the club when they turn 26.


That’s at the heart of Oakdale.

With a pool, tennis, fitness, great dining, and an incredible golf course, Oakdale is a centrally located oasis within one of North America’s great cities.

Oakdale’s Mission:

"Oakdale is a family-friendly golf and country club providing high quality services and amenities to all members. The club operates and maintains a superior golf course and an array of first class recreational and dining facilities in a responsible manner. As a community, we are committed to respecting our social responsibilities, charitable obligations and tradition of excellence."

Interested in membership at Oakdale?

Please contact Cathy Andreacola at 416-245-3500 x 247 or click below to send her an email.